Welcome to Earth’s Promise

What does it mean to live sustainably? More importantly, is sustainable enough? Can we, as individuals and communities envision a brighter future, sown from seeds of justice and equality? Can we envision a future of promise and prosperity for mankind, and growth and abundance in nature?

At Earth’s Promise/Shvuat ha-Adamah, we are committed to engaging these questions creatively, cooperatively, and systematically in order to restore our bond with the Earth and with each other. Our laboratory is Be’er Sheva, the capital of the Negev desert and home to diverse ethnic and religious communities, as well as unique and varied ecologies. Earth’s Promise works collaboratively with citizens of all backgrounds to develop social and economic paradigms that support dignity and respect, while treading lightly on natural resources.

Our goal is to build local self-reliance, so that the people of the Negev can satisfy their needs using their skills and resources.

This experiment is ongoing and evolving. If you’ve looked outside recently and found yourself dissatisfied with the status quo or have engaged in any soul searching and found yourself wanting more, then welcome home. Hang out, check out what’s new, and when you’re ready, join the conversation!

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