Moran Slakmon-Co-Director

Moran Slakmon is originally from Ashdod. She has a B.A. in Geography from Ben Gurion University of the Negev, and a Masters Degree in Urban and Environmental Planning from Tel Aviv University.  She worked at the Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership for four years. She is passionate about implementing urban farming and gardening to facilitate and develop communities and local economies.







Adam Ganson- Co-Director


Adam is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and immigrated to Israel in September 2010. He studied English and Jewish Studies at Indiana University, and then received his Masters Degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School. Adam worked at a number of environmental NGOs in Ohio and Israel. In addition to the environmental work during his career, his hobbies include cultivating home-grown fruits and vegetables in his garden, playing guitar, and seeing live music. He is enthusiastic about the work that Earth’s Promise accomplishes and is looking forward to continuing the projects of Earth’s Promise into the future.







Oren Hochner – Agriculture Coordinator, Urban Farm

אורן בחממהOren has been living in Beer-Sheva since 2006. The city and its residents are very close to his heart. In 2011 he decided to try his hand in agriculture and hasn’t stopped ever since. Oren is a big believer in combining education and agricultural work, simplicity and happiness.



Adva Mazuz – Community and Local Economy Coordinator

אדווהAdva received her B.A. in Social Work from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She specialized in community organization. After a year of volunteering at Earth’s Promise as a student at Ben-Gurion, she graduated and joined the staff. In her work Adva especially values being attentive to the needs of the community.


Ateret Margalit-Dayan – Environmental Education

Ateret received her B.A. from the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance and is a graduate of the Environmental Studies program at the Arava Institute. Over the years Ateret has worked in various Environmental education programs including the TEVA Learning Center in Connecticut and SPNI. She enjoys developing environmental education material and dance.


Keren Dror – Community Gardens Coordinator, Ashkelon

Keren is a trained carpenter, but throughout the years also spent time working as a lifeguard. In addition to watching over swimmers, she requested to be responsible for the gardening duties at her pools.  She thus learnt how to work with ants, rather than against them. Keren has traveled to many places around the world, and loves Israel and nature. She finds joy in nature and there is nothing that fills her with a greater sense of peace and comfort. In addition to working for Earth’s Promise, Keren also teaches Yoga to school children.


Itay Dinar – Urban Farm


After volunteering at Earth’s Promise for 2 years as a student at Ben-Gurion University, Itay joined Earth’s Promises’ staff and is now part of the Urban Farm team. Itay received his B.A. in Politics and Government and History from Ben-Gurion University.







Adam Sabatani – Urban Farm


Adam began his agricultural career with raising goats and from there moved on to plants and vegetables. After a year volunteering with Earth’s Promise he joined Earth’s Promises’ staff as part of the Urban Farm team.