Kalisher Community Garden

The Kalisher Community Garden

Earth’s Promise established the Kalisher community garden together with the Ethiopian community in the Kalisher Absorption Center, in 2007. What used to be a neglected and dirty plot of open space behind the absorption center in the Gimmel neighborhood in Be’er Sheva, has turned into a colorful and flourishing community garden. The area transformed from an environmental hazard to a spectacular environmentally friendly community garden that uses the site for agricultural and social activities.

The garden provides the participants with fresh and nutritious food, for example tomatoes, lettuce, beans, onions and corn. Many families also grow vegetables native to Ethiopia on their plots. The garden preserves natural resources and raises awareness on environmental problems on the local and regional level by presenting an alternative sustainable model. The result is a beautiful, fruit bearing green corner – green lungs in the heart of the city.

In addition, the garden provides opportunities for leisure activities, enrichment and occupation. It constitutes a center for lively activities that integrate the new and veteran Ethiopian immigrants with the local residents from the neighborhood and from the city. In this way the community garden contributes to the absorption and strengthens the local community to take responsibility and helps them to be proud of themselves, of the neighborhood and the environment.

Click here to watch an interview with Noga Zohar, previous director of Earth’s Promise, about the Kalisher community garden.























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